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We Must Redesign and Redefine Oklahoma Education

 Supporting Our Children 

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Our mission as educators should be teaching children the conservative values we have long held dear as Oklahomans. We want our kids to receive the best education and become productive citizens to build a stronger Oklahoma.


April's Story

April Grace is a passionate advocate for education who has served as an Oklahoma educator for more than 30 years. She has worked with school communities to improve the lives of students, families and staff at every level of Oklahoma education. She is committed to listening to the hearts and minds of parents, students, school staff and other community members across the state about the future of education in Oklahoma. Listening closely and fully to understand what education stakeholders see, want and need makes for better thinking, better innovation and better results. From that comes ways in which Oklahoma education can, where needed, be reimagined, redesigned and redefined to best meet the needs of students, families and staff.  

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