critical race theory & CURRENT ISSUES

As I have stated previously, critical race theory has no place in our PK-12 classrooms, I will ensure strong unbiased curriculum standards for our students and work to keep educators focused on meeting the needs of students and teaching our standards. Recently, a suburban school in Chicago had a “students of color“ racially segregated field trip. And In Colorado, an elementary school is having racially segregated playground time for students. The Civil Rights movement of the 1960s fought to integrate our school systems. We must never allow radical positions of this nature to take hold in Oklahoma public schools. The Oklahoma Standard is to teach unity not division to our children. I will work to ensure these types of radical movements do not happen in Oklahoma public schools.


Washington d.c. & red tape

Every Federal dollar sent to States comes with an enormous amount of regulation and compliance. Money that should be going to classrooms much too often has to be spent on personnel for compliance and reporting. A one size fits all regulatory system often does not make sense and it often does not work. The needs of rural schools and urban schools in Oklahoma vary dramatically. Needs in Oklahoma are not the same needs of huge urban areas like Los Angeles or New York. I will work to streamline the process for accessing funds and fight all the extra bureaucratic red tape that is often unnecessary and takes resources away from our students.


covid & school closures

During the 20-21 school year, Shawnee Public Schools closed more days due to weather than COVID19. We had four options for families so they could choose what worked best for their child. It took work and coordination with families, as well as various layers of mitigation strategies, but we knew keeping our school open to serve the students, their families, and the community had to be a top priority. We have all seen the disastrous impacts school closures have had on our children. We know there have been dramatic increases in suicidal thoughts and substance abuse, as well as decreases in academic proficiency.